our roots

It began with two childhood friends and a Bermuda fishing trip.

In 2010, these best buds were enjoying their island excursion when they met a street vendor, Stefano, who regaled them with tall tales about the many trinkets and souvenirs he sold.

Nothing quite caught their fancy until Stefano revealed an old stoneware bottle, an antique Hills Chapman, LTD ginger beer from the 1930s (with the cap still on!).

“This,” Stefano said, “came from the belly of a Tiger shark a fishing boat caught way back in 1958. The ginger beer was even sloshing in the bottle before the fishermen popped it open for a swig. Folks around here still toast ‘Dexter the shark’ whenever they order a ginger beer cocktail.”

Funnier yet was the fact that Hills Chapman ginger beer came from England. Which meant the shark probably ate the bottle while nosing around an English shipwreck and then brought it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!

This tale, however tall it might’ve been, hooked the friends’ imaginations. See, these two men loved their ginger beer something fierce, and marveled that this brew must’ve been so tasty that a shark gulped it down faster than the fish it usually chomped on.

The friends bought the bottle from Stefano and, over the next few years, talked often about Dexter, the shark that hunted the oceans deep for the best ginger beer around. Eventually, they brewed up the idea of honoring Dexter by crafting a one-of-a-kind ginger beer of their own.

It had to be savory and refreshing, all on its own...

Be the perfect mixer for any occasion...

And have a zesty bite that stunned the palette and lingered like bubbles of ocean foam.

So the Bermuda Tiger Shark Ginger Beer was born! Sweet, yet sparklingly sharp, it’s the perfect treat for everyone.

Of course, the new business partners named their company Chapman Beverage LLC, further tipping their hats to the bottle that set sail to their own delicious journey.

Join us, won’t you?

hills chapman, ltd bottle bought from Stefano

hills chapman, ltd bottle bought from Stefano

Photo by djangosupertramp/iStock / Getty Images